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Apply False Lashes Like a Pro

A step-by-step guide to mastering the application of false lashes.


Mink Effect Faux Lash Strips


Without a doubt, false lashes can have a significant impact on a final makeup look.  Still even, some of the most die-hard beauty enthusiasts have admitted to struggling with the application process of strip lashes.  While Team Mirabella admits, false lash application is a skill that requires practice, anyone who successfully masters the proper technique can attest it is well worth it.  Not only do false lashes give the eyes a bigger, more dramatic appearance, all with less mascara, but strip lashes are typically reusable and a fraction of the cost of a lash lift or extensions.  Today, Team Mirabella is talking about everything you need to know about applying false lashes like a pro.

How To Put On Strip Lashes Like a Pro

Step 1: Apply Eyeliner

No matter the pair of lashes you are applying, it is always important to start by lining the upper lashes with eyeliner to conceal the base of the lash strip better.  Team Mirabella recommends either the Magic Marker liquid liner or an Eye Definer eyeliner pencil in a dark shade, like Smoke, to best match lash strip's black base.

Step 2: Remove Lashes From Box

While it may seem easier to grab and pull the lashes from the lash hairs to remove the strips from their box, this can lead to bent lashes or sparse spots on the strip due to damaging the individual hairs.  Instead, use your fingertips to gently roll the lash base off the packaging, starting from the outer corner and working in. 

Step 3: Loosen The Base Of The Lash Strip

To mimic the curvature of your natural lash line and minimize lifting in the corners after application, you will need to soften the lash strip.  To do this, wrap the strip of lashes around your finger or a small makeup brush handle for 60 seconds to help give the base of the lashes some extra flexibility.  

Step 4: Measure & Trim Your Faux Lashes 

Using lash tweezers for maximum precision, measure the lash strip to your eye by resting the lashes along your natural lash line to see when/where you'll need to trim the strip to fit your eye.  Use a pair of small, sharp-bladed scissors to trim the faux lashes carefully. Pro tip: Be sure to cut your lash strip about 2-4 lashes inward from the edge of your outer corner to avoid eyes looking droopy or tired after application.  

If you are new to lash strip application, you can also trim your lashes into quarters to make the application process even easier and further prevent lifting since each section is secured to the lash line separately.

Step 5: Apply Glue

Sure, it sounds like the easiest step, but it's easy to go overboard with lash glue which can make things messy and take forever to dry.  Team Mirabella suggests applying a small bead to the end of a bobby pin and then running the bobby pin along the base of the lash strip to ensure an even layer of glue is applied.  Before applying the lash strip to the eye, give the bond a few seconds to become tacky.  

Step 6: Application

Whether you're applying the entire lash strip at once or you're doing so in quarter sections, begin by lining up the strip to your natural lash line once more.  Use lash tweezers first to place the middle section of the strip in the center and then nudge the outer and inner corners down along the lash line.  Once the strip is in place, you can use your fingers to gently pinch your natural and newly applied falsies together, so they are well blended.  

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