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#BellaBabe Breakdown: How To Use An Ice Roller

One of the hottest at-home skincare hacks to emerge out of quarantine, ice rollers have become a fan favorite among skincare enthusiasts, with the resurgence of at-home skin treatments on the rise.  It is a simple idea: feeling good on the inside leads to radiant skin on the outside.  This concept is the whole premise behind Mirabella's latest product line, The Radiance Project, and it is fitting that one of the first products to debut is the Roll & Chill Cryotherapy Refreshing Ice Roller.  Ice Rollers use a non-porous wheel to roll out the skin for a facial massage that aids in lymphatic drainage.  This technique practice, which has roots in gua sha (an ancient traditional Chinese healing method), can help reduce puffiness, boost circulation, promote optimal cell function, and ultimately lead to healthier, more glowy skin. 

As ice rollers for the face have become widely popular, questions about the proper use and actual benefits of the skincare tool have arisen and Team Mirabella is here to help break it all down for you, bella babes!

How To Use An Ice Roller:

Store in the freezer to chill.  When ready to use, gently roll over the skin for 3 to 5 minutes, following guidelines on the chart (above) in product images.  Stop for a few minutes if skin becomes numb, then continue rolling.  Wipe down with a cloth when complete and place back in the freezer for next use.  Each Roll & Chill Cryotherapy Ice Roller comes with an additional stainless steel roller to eliminate downtime between uses.

Benefits Of Using An Ice Roller:

• Instantly reduce puffiness and redness 

• Boost circulation to restore skin's radiance and promote optimal cell function

• Help reduce the size of pores for smoother-looking skin

• Aid in lymphatic drainage through facial massage and ice therapy 

Why will Mirabella's Radiance Project Roll & Chill Cryotherapy Refreshing Ice Roller will be your new bestie? 

With an influx of ice rollers on the market right now, it can be difficult to spot a winner or even see the differences between brands.  Mirabella's custom-created ice roller for the face is made with solid stainless barrels, so it keeps cold for much longer than competitors and is constructed with an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip and handle.  Our refreshing ice roller is also 20-30% bigger than the competitions which allows for targeted tissue massage with minimal effort. 


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