Classic Holiday Makeup Looks: How to do Smokey Eye + Red Lip

Classic Holiday Makeup Looks: How to do Smokey Eye + Red Lip

Classic Holiday Makeup Looks: How to do a Smokey Eye + Red Lip

Picture this: bold red lips. Beautiful smoky eyes. These makeup trends have become staples in the beauty industry through the years, and never fail to achieve the perfect timeless look. Individually, these trends are great go-to holiday looks, but when worn together they are absolutely SHOWSTOPPING! A holiday makeup look that features a smoky eye AND a red lip can seem a little over the top, but we promise, you’ll love the combination. Not only is it the perfect opportunity to accentuate multiple facial features, it’s also guaranteed to make a statement for any holiday party you have on the calendar this year!

Mirabella believes the modern woman plays many roles. For women who wake up feeling girly one day to glam the next, our brand truly aims to offer makeup with personality. So, to those that argue that a holiday makeup look with a smoky eye and red lip is too much, we say “bah humbug!”

Red Lips + Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Often when you think of a smoky eye look, you picture black, grey, and ultra-dark eyeshadow pigments. While this is often the case with smoky eyes, it’s also possible to create a much more subtle look with warm brown tones.

Watch one of our favorite Bella Babes and the queen of social media herself, Olivia Smalley of @OMGArtistry, as she talks about achieving the perfect balance between a subtle smoky eye and the perfect red lip. This is a GREAT beginner smoky eye tutorial! And, we love it paired with Mirabella’s Stay All Day Velvet Lip Pencil for a punchy red pout.

Dos and Don'ts

• Do use a primer before applying a red lipstick or gloss.  We love our Prime for Lips Sugar Lip Exfoliator!

• Don't forget to finish with a setting spray like Mirabella's Bulletproof Matte Setting Spray to keep your holiday look fresh all day/night!

• Do use a clear lip liner to keep red lipstick or gloss locked in place and minimize any potential feathering or smudging over time.  The Perfecting Pencil is a great lip definer for this!

Included In This Holiday Look

For this look, you'll need:

Quickbrow Powder

Mirabella Beauty Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

Rendezvous Eye Love You Eyeshadow Palette

Eye-conic Winged Stamp + Liner Kit

Awaken Primer

Invincible Anti Aging HD Foundation

Perfecting Powder

Mirabella Beauty Sculpt Duo

Sculpt Duo

Mink Effect Lashes

Mirabella Beauty Stay All Day Velvet Lip Pencil

Stay All Day Velvet Lip Crayon

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