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Declutter and Organize Your Makeup Stash Like a Pro

Bella babes, we know you are no strangers to the prices paid for beauty and skincare products.  An eyeshadow palette - $50 is a standard.  A lipstick - $20 does not sound too bad.  But did you know that the average American woman spends over $1000 on makeup per year?  That's a pretty penny, especially when those new makeup products are nowhere to be found, buried amongst an ever-growing collection of product under the bathroom sink.  While a comprehensive Marie Kondo approach is unnecessary to declutter your makeup collection and achieve optimal cosmetic storage, Team Mirabella has some tips and tricks to help you update your makeup stash like a pro! 

Make A Pile

With impulse makeup purchases constantly being dictated by a desire to follow and recreate the latest trends, often cosmetics lovers do not realize just how many products they have!  To get a better scope of how much makeup you have, first, collect all cosmetics from under the sink, drawers, bags, and purses and bring them to a centralized location to assess.  

Out With The Old

Trust us; Team Mirabella gets that it's SO hard to part with favorite cosmetics knowing there is still more product in the bottle; however, discarding expired makeup is essential to ensuring safe makeup application.  No matter how strictly sanitation guidelines are followed during the application process, bacteria growth is unavoidable, especially in a humid bathroom environment.  Thus, it's critical for expiry dates to serve as an accurate indication of a cosmetics' lifespan rather than a suggestion. 

Mirabella Beauty Period After Opening Symbol

Mirabella makes it easy to understand the lifespan of our cosmetics.  Each product's secondary packaging carton features a jar symbol with a number printed inside (seen above).  This symbol is called a PAO, or period after opening, and indicates the number of months cosmetic is safe to use after opening. 

Furthermore, the PAO for a cosmetic also gives insight about the performance of the makeup from wearability to pigmentation and product consistency.  As a cosmetic reaches its expiry, its ability to perform declines giving us yet another not to loathe tossing it.

Designate A Home For Your Makeup Stash

Makeup products are notorious for making an appearance in random locations around the house.  Establishing a localized area for makeup storage avoids not only clutter, but also aids in minimizing the amount of time searching for a product since everything has a designated place.  Team Mirabella's top locations for makeup storage are:

1. Open counter or shelf space.  This option works great if you plan to purchase a pretty makeup organizer or storage solution, like Mirabella's Spinning Acrylic Makeup Storage Organizer. 

Mirabella Beauty Spinning Acrylic Makeup Storage Organizer

2. Inside cabinets or drawers.  Whether you have a carry bag, like Mirabella's Mobile Makeup Pro Box Backpack, for portability or are making dividers, the inside of cabinets and drawers work well for storage too! 

Matchy Matchy

After designating a centralized location for all makeup products, it's time to pair products of the same type together, i.e., eyeshadows, lipsticks, brushes, and tools.  While doing so, Team Mirabella suggests giving your products a thorough wipe-down and cleaning makeup brushes too.  Mirabella's Purify Instant Brush Cleaner dries quickly and will allow you to store your brushes without waiting.  Once everything is clean, keepp makeup products in appropriate pairs and ENJOY your makeup storage space organized like a PRO!


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