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Roll & Restore Bundle: Cryotherapy Ice Roller + Multi-Peptide Serum

Roll & Restore Bundle: Cryotherapy Ice Roller + Multi-Peptide Serum

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2 steps to rejuvenated, sculpted skin from the outside in

When skin needs to chill and restore, reach for this 2-step combo to instantly reduce redness and fight inflammation.  The Replenish & Restore Multi-Peptide Serum aids in cell turnover to promote shinier, tighter looking skin while the Cryotheraphy Ice Roller harnesses the power of cold therapy to combat redness and puffiness while helping to decrease pore size, improve the skin's tone and contours, and fight again fine lines and wrinkles.  

SERUM:  A powerful antioxidant-rich multi-peptide serum that reduces the severity of acne, combats hyperpigmentation, inhibits glycation, and reduces redness.


The best ice roller for ensuring proper sanitation and using back-to-back with zero downtime, the Roll & Chill Cryotherapy Refreshing Ice Roller comes with two stainless steel barrels that are interchangeable.

Extra roller included allowing for sanitation or just extra time rolling.

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