Mirabella Beauty

Baredfaced Bella Beauty Facial Cleansing Cloth


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A flawless bare face never goes out of style, Bella beauties!  This revolutionary super-soft cleansing cloth features a smooth spongy texture that removes all traces of makeup and impurities on even the most sensitive skin types.  Rigid when dry, soft when wet, the Barefaced Bella Beauty Cleansing Facial Cloth is the perfect travel companion.  Its heat and water retention properties make it an ideal addition to any facial, whether professional or at home.    

1 each


  • Gently massage a cleanser over your face and neck area
  • Thoroughly wet the Barefaced Bella Beauty Cleansing Facial Cloth and use to gently remove the cleanser
  • Rinse the cloth completely and allow to air dry
  • Machine wash in cold water if desired