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Makeup Matching: Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade | Mirabella Beauty

Hey gorgeous!  Let's chat about a little makeup secret that can make all the difference in your makeup routine - finding the perfect foundation shade!  Team Mirabella is here to spill the tea on avoiding awkward selfie snaps that reveal your foundation isn't matching your skin - an error akin to your embarrassing middle school makeup mishaps. We've all been there, but fear not; with a little help from our team and a bit of detective work to determine your undertone, a proper foundation match is within reach!

Invincible For All Anti Aging HD Foundation - 24 shades, bestselling foundation

Let's Talk Skin Tones vs. Undertones

While these two terms sound like they could be interchangeable, your skin tone and skin's undertone are two very different things.  Let's break this down:

Skin Tone: The color you see FIRST when you look in the mirror, i.e. Porcelain, Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, Dark (or somewhere in between).  As you'd imagine, skin tone can change due to factors like sun exposure (summer vs. winter), pregnancy, or prescription medications. 

Skin Undertone: The permanent, underlying color that your skin tone casts, i.e. Warm, Cool, or Neutral.

Determine Your Skin Undertone

  1. Vein Test: Turn over your forearm and look at your veins. If they have a green tinge to them, they likely run warm. If they have a bluish tinge to them, your tones probably run cool.
  2. Jewelry Test: Are you more into gold jewelry and all its yellowy warmth? Or are you a cool, crisp silver kind of person? If the answer is gold, you most likely have warm undertones. If it is silver, your skin is inclined to have cool undertones.
  3. White Cloth Test: Put a white cloth next to your bare face and observe what cast your skin takes on. Skin with warm undertones will appear yellowish, while skin with cool undertones will seem blueish or pinkish.
  4. The White vs. Cream Test: Grab two articles of clothing, one white and the other off-white. While wearing no makeup, decide which color complements your skin tone best. If it’s the pure-white shade, your undertones are warm. If the cream color suits you more, you have cool undertones. If both flatter you just the same, you’re neutral.
Mirabella Beauty Invincible For All Inclusive Foundation with Wide Shade Range

Mirabella's new Invincible For All Anti Aging HD Foundation is not only categorized by skin tone but also sorted by undertones with helpful descriptions of shade to help customers correctly decipher the shade range to best find a perfect foundation match.  Additionally, the Match My Makeup quiz, located on the foundation, concealer, and powder product pages, is an incredible tool for ensuring the complexion products you purchase are the right shade.

Find My Shade Foundation Tool for all skin Types Matching Try On


If you were a previous original Invincible Anti Aging Foundation customer, take a second to review the color wheel above that outlines how the new shade expansion matches up to our original formula 7 shade offering. Or, read below for exact shade matches to our original shades:

Original Porcelain 0 = New Porcelain P00

Original Ivory I = New Fair F60

Original Fair II = New Light L90

Original Light III = New Medium M120

Original Medium IV = New Medium M150

Original Dark V = New Tan T180

Original Mocha VI = New Deep D200


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