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How to look more youthful instantly!

Look more youthful instantly!

As we age, skin begins to lose vibrancy and you start to see a dehydrated surface. To instantly look more youthful, add some vibrance back to your skin. If you use a mattifying powder, it actually increases the appearance of dry skin. Instead, enhance the beauty of your skin by using new technology liquid-powder formulas that can add vibrance without any weight.

When I create products, one of the most important attributes I look for is the amount of texture and weight the product adds to the skin in application. Women have been taught that they must transition to matte products as they age to avoid accentuating lines. What most women do not know is that texture accentuates lines. In traditional powder formulas, matte powders put less texture on the skin than powders containing shimmer. This is an old way of thinking. We are living in an exciting time of advances in technology of powder products…and it is only going to get better! We are now able to create powders that start in liquid form and transition to a silky powder. The technology Mirabella uses to make such a revolutionary powder is called Prismatech.

Prismatech means that we are able to provide high amounts of pearl without adding any texture to the skin making it possible to have a sheen in products that does not accentuate lines and imperfections. Instead, it refracts light and perfects the skin. When compared to traditional powders, Prismatech is even lighter on the skin that a traditional matte powder. And it contains pearl! This new technnology glides onto the skin over any product (even powder), it is amazingly creamy (100 times softer than the average powder), and it adds sheen without any frost. Totally revolutionary.

Wearing all mattes without paying attention to the weight of the product can make you look dull with less dimension. By mixing mattes and sheens without weight, skin looks hydrated and dimensional. Most women think that powders with pearl (or the overused word “shimmer”) will highlight the skin. There is a difference to adding light to the skin versus adding luminosity or vibrancy to the skin. Our shaded Bronzed and Brilliant powders add luminosity without any light. Therefore they are perfect to bring color to the skin and make it appear healthy.

Then layer a matte blush on top. This will create dimension on the skin making your makeup stand out from the crowd. Try Mirabella’s Blush Colour Duos or Cheeky Blush.


Mirabella Beauty Blush Duo


Mirabella Beauty Cheeky Blush

If you are looking for a true highlight without frost to try the “strobing” trend that is so popular right now, try our bestselling Swirling Pearl Brilliant. This shade has additional pearl levels that will add vibrance plus light to the skin. So gorgeous. Check out this snap taken behind-the-scenes at our photo shoot. Amazing light!


Mirabella Beauty



So the next time you go shopping, look for these new powder formulas. You have to search for the gems in a sea of chalkiness. Watch for terms “liquid-powder, prismatic reflections, transformative texture, multi-dimensional, and Prismatech.” I challenge you to start working with these new products that add vibrance to your skin because this isn’t a technology that is going away. Experiment with adding dimension and vibrancy to your face. Your skin will look more youthful, and you will have a glow that all women envy.

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