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How To Properly Use Makeup Remover Wipes

Among one of Team Mirabella's favorite beauty/skincare products to make life easier are makeup wipes.  These single-use wipes help remove stubborn makeup products in seconds and have become a staple at the end of a long day when makeup wearers aren't up to a complete cleansing and skincare routine.  But, despite their ease of use, makeup remover wipes are often misused by those looking for convenience rather than true cleanliness or care for the skin.  Read on to find out Team Mirabella's best practices for effective Makeup Remover Wipe use.

What are Makeup Remover Wipes?

Makeup remover wipes are single-use towelettes packaged in a solution aimed to dissolve the buildup of makeup and dirt.  While makeup remover wipes are intended to effectively remove makeup, they are not meant to replace the cleansing step in a skincare routine.  Instead, makeup remover wipes are most beneficial as a preliminary step to cleansing the face by ridding the skin of makeup before washing any remaining residue off with a facial cleanser.  

What makes Mirabella's Makeup Remover Wipes Unique?

Mirabella's Makeup Remover Wipes remove dirt, oil and makeup in one swipe and the restocked wipes are now formulated to have even more moisture.  Each pack of 30 alcohol-free, pre-moistened wipes use Micellar water technology and vitamin E to leave skin feeling refreshed.  These wipes make an excellent pre-cleanse to the Cleanse Total Facial Cleanser by Mirabella.

How to use Makeup Remover Wipes Correctly

While Team Mirabella recommends using a Makeup Remover Wipes to remove the majority of makeup before cleansing the face, it's key to note that just one wipe may not sufficiently be removing makeup from the full face.  It's important to check often overlooked areas of the face, like the hairline where daily buildup can lead to unwanted breakouts.  To avoid these issues, Team Mirabella suggests starting in the middle of the face and moving the wipe outwards to ensure properly cleaning the often missed hairline and jawline.



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