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Beauty Term Breakdown: Draping, Contouring, & Strobing

We should all, in theory, be beauty savants with the rise in social media makeup tutorials, beauty vlogger Youtube channels, and Tik Tok's endless makeup videos.  However, due to the constantly evolving, quick-to-change trends in this industry, many beauty enthusiasts find it hard to keep up with the terms and techniques emerging among professionals.  Today, Team Mirabella is taking a look at three trending beauty technique terms that will be sure to be on your radar as we roll into spring.  

1. Strobing

Mirabella Beauty Strobing Makeup Technique Model

Strobing is a makeup technique that defines higher, more prominent facial features that natural light would typically hit to create a soft glow and highlight.  This beauty technique can be used with matte or shiny products to create the highlight effect.  Mirabella's Sculpt Duos are a great product to use when wanting to achieve the strobing effect.  

2. Contouring

Like strobing, the concept of contouring contrasting the color of your skin to create depth and differentiation on the face, however contouring involves adding shadows rather than highlights to sharpen facial features.  This makeup technique gives the illusion of a smaller, more structured face and can also be achieved with Mirabella's Sculpt Duos.   

3. Draping

 Mirabella Beauty Draping Makeup Technique

Draping is a term used specifically in the context of blush and refers to the process of applying blush from the top of the cheekbones, out to the corners of the eyes and up to the temples for an instantly lifted look.

While each of these techniques can be used individually or combined for an ultra-defined finished look, Team Mirabella has supplied a quick, easy face chart breakdown for reference when attempting each of these makeup looks.


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