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No Imitations: 4 benefits of bamboo extract in makeup

No Imitations: Bamboo Extract for Hydration

Mirabella is proud to be starting a series on our blog called 'No Imitations'.  In this series, we will be diving into Mirabella's mission to create products that are true to you with no imitations by taking a closer look at individual skin-loving ingredients that help to make Mirabella's clean beauty products so effective and why these unique ingredients are so beneficial for the skin.

For the first installment of the 'No Imitations' series, we will be focusing on bamboo extract.  Bamboo is the fastest-growing and strongest botanical resource on the planet and has been used in Chinese medicine for years.  Bamboo is extracted and used in cosmetics for skin benefits. Mirabella has harnessed the immense benefits of Bamboo to formulate it's cosmetics for a clean, natural-based product that is not only good for the skin, but has beautiful pigmentation and wearability.

What is Bamboo Extract? 

Bamboo extract comes from the bamboo plant.  Bamboo is a phenomenal ingredient for cosmetics not only do to its benefits for the skin, but because bamboo is very sustainable.  Bamboo does not require the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers making the ingredients very clean and it rarely needs replanting after harvesting since the plant's roots grow back so quickly after harvesting.  For these reasons, bamboo extract is a phenomenal addition to any sustainable beauty product. 

In addition to bamboo's sustainable qualities, it is also gaining immense traction in the beauty world due to the plant's various skin benefits.  Producing the richest amount of silica of any plant, bamboo has quickly become a go-to ingredient for cosmetic products.

Benefits of Bamboo Extract in Makeup

Anti-inflammatory, reduces redness

A significant benefit of Bamboo extract is its ability to soothe and heal skin.  This makes Bamboo extract a great ingredient in cosmetic formulas.   

Rich in antioxidants that aid in brightening of the skin 

Bamboo extract also acts a powerful antioxidant.  When added to a cosmetic formula, the ingredient aids in keeping skin safe from damaging free radicals.  

Rich in Silica, improves appearance of skin's elasticity

Bamboo is rich in natural silica.  Thus, aiding in the production of collagen and resulting in the appearance of smoother, more supple skin.


Mineral-rich Bamboo extract is incredibly hydrating and helps to lock in moisture on the skin when applied to the skin's surface.  

Makeup Products with Bamboo

Mirabella's Bella Babe favorite clean beauty product, Sun Defense CC Créme, is made with Bamboo Extract.  A hydrating and soothing cream foundation that perfects, protects and renews the skin.  Formulated for all skin types, this medium-coverage formula is packed with skin-loving ingredients.




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