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Everything You Need to Know About Our Perfect + Correct Finishing Powder

With so many different pressed powders in various  shades, finishes, and purposes, on the market these days, it's hard to know what to look for to best achieve a desired look.  There are clean, mineral-based formulas, different coverages, and SPF protection - the list goes on and on.  So, today, Team Mirabella is giving you all the details on our Perfect + Correct Finishing Powder and explaining why this versatile powder is a must-have in your makeup arsenal.

Dual Purpose Powder - 2 for 1

This custom-created palette of corrective matte shades helps to gently balance the complexion while providing a flawless finish.  This stunning palette is designed to be used individually, for targeted correcting, or swirled together for a flawless finish.

Custom Created Color Correcting 

Refer to the color wheel and use the color of powder that is opposite what is being corrected.  This powder is great prior to eyeshadow to help neutralize blue, purple or red eyelids so that eyeshadows apply true to color.

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