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Mirabella Announces Latest Initiative to Enhance Consumer Buying Experience

Mirabella, the professional cosmetics brand, has announced its most recent initiative to enhance the consumer buying experience for online shopping. Following a series of efforts to strengthen its web presence, Mirabella has launched a fully-featured product review integration on that not only displays authentic customer reviews, complete with photos and videos but also incentivizes happy customers to share their experience with the brand in exchange for a discount on future purchases.

“The cosmetics industry is such a LARGE market and as such, it’s been of critical importance to us as we continue to expand, to build trust with potential new customers,” says Miranda Coggins, owner. “We are so excited to now be able to show these visitors social proof by displaying happy customers’ content for our makeup products.”

Each product page on will now display a ‘Review’ section below the product imagery and description with a link to post a review in real-time. In addition to the ‘Review’ section, Mirabella is actively targeting consumers with previous purchase history and inviting them to leave a review with the incentive to receive 15% off a future purchase when they include a photo or video in the review.

“We truly hope that this authentic new website feature is an eye-catching and engaging way for consumers, both familiar and unfamiliar with Mirabella, to immerse themselves with the brand for an elevated shopping experience,” says Coggins.

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