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Mirabella x Match My Makeup Introduce New & Improved Foundation-Match Quiz

Match My Makeup Introduces New & Improved Quiz for EVEN BETTER Foundation Match Results 

Mirabella is excited to reintroduce its partnership with Matchy My Makeup, the world's leading scientific-based foundation shade finder and color-matching tool, as the company unveils its new and improved foundation match quiz.  The updated quiz can now be found on Mirabella's website,, to aid customers in finding the correct shade of foundation when purchasing.

Science + Mathematics = Precision  

Created to allow customers to purchase online with total confidence, Match My Makeup was developed to provide a match service to for consumers looking to find a precise foundation color match in a new brand's product range rather than a costly mistake!  This ground-breaking tool was created by an Australian-based cosmetic doctor, Dr. Van Park, together with IT lawyer and computer scientist Victoria Ha.  Abandoning the rudimentary and unreliable visual match methods that are often associated with the industry, Park and Ha were compelled to create a fail-proof system for color matching based on science and rigorous analysis at their dedicated lab.  The updated, improved quiz now features in-depth questions for a more detailed, accurate approach to a shade recommendation. 

The Perfect Match

Mirabella MMM

Mirabella is proud to be partnered with Match My Makeup to continue to offer both it's wholesale and retail customers the ability to shop with confidence from the comfort of his/her own home with the new color-matching widget located on each of the brand's foundation collection page or on each of the foundation formula's product pages located directly under the shade swatch options, simply click the widget and follow the prompted instructions and questions to match your current foundation brand/shade to one of Mirabella's foundations!  It's a simple as that!   

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