Find Your Shade: 2024's Pantone Color

Find Your Shade: 2024's Pantone Color

As we welcomed the new year, Pantone announced its 2024 color of the year: Peach Fuzz - a radiant peachy pink.  In its press release, Pantone said the shade "embodies stillness, wellbeing, and making space to heal."  While none of that description directly relates to cosmetics, I feel like it's the perfect manifestation and start to a new year.  And even though makeup wasn't mentioned specifically, I can guarantee you'll be seeing this pretty Pantone inspire plenty of makeup trends, runway looks, and more as the year continues.  Read on to find out how to incorporate this year's biggest shade into your makeup routine...and get kudos from your friends for being an inspiration!

Mirabella Beauty Talks Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year


While Peach Fuzz makeup is versatile and VERY wearable, the key to absolutely slaying this makeup look is finding the prettiest peach variation for your skin and undertone.   

Decode your Perfect Shade:  

Cool undertones: Own the pink in your complexion with a cool-toned pinky peach, avoiding overly intense hues.
Warmer undertones: Look for a poppy peachy gold/yellow, avoiding shades with too much white pigment that leave you looking washed out.
Fair/Light Complected: A soft peach-pink is your bestie for this look.
Med/Deep Complected: A rich orange hue will look like chef's kiss​ on you, babe. 

Our Favorite Peach Perfection Mirabella Products:

Peach Makeup Alexandra Daddario

While it may sound silly, peach is an often-overlooked shade on cosmetics shelves.  The Pantone of the Year is the embodiment of soft and sweet, and a monochromatic peach makeup look is not only chic, but simple.  I love using the same shade of pressed powder pigment on the tops of the eyelids and cheekbones, as well as pressing a bit of the powder into my lips before topping with a clear gloss.  Here are my favorite Mirabella peach picks:

Mirabella Opulent Pro Face Trio, Color: Multi - JCPenney

Opulent Pro Face Trio


Sweetheart/Babe Blush Duo


Mirabella Beauty - Luxe Advanced Formula Lip Gloss, Lustre

 Lustre Luxe Advanced Formula Lip Gloss
Mirabella Beauty - Coral Crush creamy long-wear lipstick
 Coral Crush Sealed with a Kiss Lipstick