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TRUE TO YOU: Mirabella's Commitment to Loyal Professionals & Bella Babes

As we are all MORE than aware of the events and obstacles of the last year, we are living in crazy times.  There isn't a piece of daily life that the pandemic has left unaltered, and even with quarantine behind us, there are residual effects, like supply chain interruption and inflation.  While the beauty industry has succeeded in rebounding, for the most part, many companies are skeptical that continual growth will be interrupted due to these underlying issues.  Furthermore, according to WWD, even large corporations like Proctor and Gamble have released statements detailing plans for increasing prices in 2022 as a means of countering Covid-induced increases in raw material costs and freight coupled with labor shortages.  

While we would like to be fortunate enough to dispute the aforementioned issues currently plaguing the beauty, and so many other industries globally, the truth is that these problems are bona fide.  These changes are, in fact, costing skincare and makeup brands money that is harshly impacting their bottom lines year over year, and many companies have felt it necessary to act.  However, Mirabella is committed to honoring our loyal retailers and beauty enthusiasts for 2022 and is pleased to announce that we are staying TRUE TO YOU.  All product pricing will remain unchanged through 2023.   

After Mirabella's change of ownership to the Coggins in early 2017 and the completion of a complete product line rebrand, the Coggins also announced a new, lower pricing structure that dropped prices on an array of products, both on the wholesale and retail sides.  This price structure has remained unchanged to date as part of the Coggins' mission to offer quality cosmetics at affordable prices.  And, while the industry as a whole is suffering from the effects of Covid-19, you can count on Mirabella to continue on its mission to remain TRUE TO YOU, always!  

*excludes display units

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