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Mirabella Beauty

Eye Blender Professional Makeup Brush

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Fluffy eye blender makeup brush perfectly fuses eyeshadow to create a naturally sculpted eye.

Tapered domed shape provides flawless and easy application. Mirabella hand-sculpted brushes are made with the finest quality materials and feature exclusive brushed aluminum ferrules and handles.


Enjoy Seamless Style with Our Eye Blender Brush

Perfectly blended eye shadow applications don’t just happen without a little help. If it’s your desire to craft a look that’s perfect enough for a close up, you’ll need the right tools for the job. Our Eye Blender Brush blurs the lines between colors, crafting a seamless look that shimmers and shines. When used in conjunction with our Detail Brush, the finished look is going to turn heads.

Mirabella’s Eye Blender Brush is hand-sculpted for exquisite balance and a lightweight touch. Crafted from the finest materials, its soft, silky bristles effortless blend the most complex color creations to produce a beautiful look every time.

Thanks to its long, rounded design, this brush easily blends every color in your palette to produce the finished looks you’re after. For stunning results, be sure to use our Eye Blender Brush with the 32 shades in our Eye Love You Eyeshadow Collection. These mineral-based colors brush on true delivering shading that lasts.

Completing a stunning look is easy when Mirabella is on your side. Be sure to add a little pop to your eyes with our Lash Luxe Mascara. Available in classic black, this lush color goes on light, but easily builds up in flake-resistant coats for dramatic looks. Finish off your style with one of our Eye Definer Pencils. With six richly color shades available, creating a precise outline has never been easier.

For salon-perfect looks every time, be sure to explore the entire Mirabella line. While all our products are makeup artist quality, you can enjoy the same luscious quality at home.

    Eye Blender Brush - Mirabella Beauty