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Mirabella Beauty

Disposable Lip Gloss Wands (Pack of 25)

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Soft sponge bristles help to make a full, uniform color on the lips. Suitable for use with other liquid cosmetics as well.

A pack of disposable lip applicator wands for professional makeup artists, students and/or salon/retail space.

A pack of 25 single-use hygienic lip applicator wands. These disposable wands are perfect for applying lips cosmetics to your clients without compromising sanitation.  Additionally, these disposable wads can be added to the tester offerings on any Mirabella point of purchase display unit for clients to test Mirabella's lip products.

These sponges are used in conjunction with Mirabella's Luxe Advanced Formula Lip Gloss.

Mirabella Beauty’s top mission as a salon professional cosmetics line is to offer industry professionals the highest quality, clean yet trending and wearable products and professional makeup kits in a market flooded with professional makeup brands.. Each Mirabella Beauty cosmetology kit features a stunning array of products, from long-wear foundations to show-stopping pops of color for the cheeks, eyes and lips making the Essential Artist Kit and Pro Box the top picks for professional makeup kits for makeup artist. These two mineral makeup kits are responsible for aiding in enhancing the guest experience for each client of a professional makeup artist.

While the list of professional makeup brands is long, Mirabella Beauty strives to differentiate itself by remaining exclusively professional and only selling product to licensed salons, spas and retailers. Additionally, each professional makeup artist kit is filled with products formulated with only the cleanest ingredients and remaining true to Mirabella Beauty’s core values: paraben free, lead free and talc free. Furthermore, even Mirabella Beauty’s professional makeup tools and professional makeup brushes follow the company’s values and are cruelty free as well.

    Lip Gloss Wands (Pack of 25) - Mirabella Beauty