Bulletproof Button Pin

A true piece of art and a fabulous marketing tool for the entire Mirabella cosmetics line.

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ABOUT: The Bulletproof Button Pin is the perfect conversation starter to generate interest and increase ROI.  Have your staff wear these pins during work hours to not only bring awareness to one of Mirabella's best-selling products, but also to educate customers on Bulletproof's clinically-proven benefits!




  • Keep swatch book in an easily accessible area, i.e. front desk or display unit adjacent, rather than a waiting area to ensure sanitation practices are properly followed. *Consider investing in a swatch book for each room or station to reduce the number of people in contact with each book.
  • Train front desk staff and all stylists/estheticians how to use the book to facilitate sales and proper color matching. Be sure to always reference the product benefits and selling tips located in swatch book during client interactions.
  • Keep swatch book sanitized and clean. Be sure to disinfect the book after each use with a disinfecting wipe or spray. We suggest using a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the surface of the swatch book pages.
  • Testing shade swatches on makeup free skin is recommended for the most accurate color match or shade representation.
  • Complexion shade testing works best on the inside of wrist or jawline. Hold the swatch book card approximately 2-3 inches from the skin for best match.
  • Lighting plays a large role in proper shade matching and it is best if the swatch book is used in natural daylight. If natural lighting can not be achieved, aim for pure white light, like an LED-lit area, rather than incandescent or fluorescent lighting.