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Ways To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

Make Your Makeup Last All Day

Beauty is a lifestyle.  This simple phrase has long been a part of Mirabella's company motto and shaped the way our brand creates cosmetics in an effort to accommodate the modern women who plays many roles; from girly one day to glam the next.  Additionally, in today's world of over-planned, often chaotic schedules, women not only need makeup that helps personify them as individuals, but also stays put without smudging or fading.

Mirabella Beauty is proud to offer a large array of cosmetics that will guarantee all-day makeup that doesn't leave you running to reapply mid-day!  From long-wear formulas to tips and tricks that help maximize makeup payoff, read on to discover ways to keep your makeup lasting longer!

1. Prep Your Skin for Makeup

While many believe makeup application begins with primer, or even foundation, a huge factor in the wearability of cosmetics begins with the skincare routine and most importantly prepping the skin for the application process.  The first step in prepping is to thoroughly cleanse the skin's surface of impurities with a gentle facial cleanser, like Mirabella's Cleanse Total Facial Cleanser. 


Mirabella Beauty Cleanse Facial Cleanser


Once the skin has been cleansed thoroughly, an alcohol-free toner can be very beneficial in removing any leftover impurities and aiding in refreshing and softening the skin.  Mirabella's Balance Alcohol-Free Toner is a wonderful option with its gentle, soothing formula that calms sensitive skin while maintaining natural moisture levels.  

Mirabella Balance Alcohol-Free Toner

After the skin has been properly cleansed and calmed, the final step in prepping the face for makeup application is moisturizing.  Regardless of whether or not a moisturizer for dry skin is typically preferred, Mirabella's Renew Daily Age-Defying Moisturizer is a fan favorite among customers!  This ultra-hydrating moisturizer is formulated with age-defying peptide complex that works to reduce the appearance of fine lines while reinforcing the skin's natural barrier to protect against harsh elements,


Mirabella Beauty Renew Daily Anti Aging Moisturizer for Face


2. Choose the Perfect Primer

Choosing the perfect primer is incredibly important to ensure makeup lasts all day after application.  A good primer helps to create the flawless canvas skin needs for smooth, even application of liquid and powder cosmetics.  Mirabella is proud to offer customers two face primer options, Awaken Primer and Prime for Face.  For customers looking for a silicone-free primer, Awaken is the perfect option.  Lightweight and formulated to aid in sculpting and firming the face, this primer also works to brighten the skin for a more radiant appearance.  Equally as weightless, but formulated with silicone, Prime for Face is enriched with antioxidant-rich Vitamin E that works to smooth the appearance while moisturizing the skin.



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