Mirabella Beauty Mask Model

Makeup + Masks: A Guide to Cosmetics During/Post Covid Crisis

While staying home orders are lifting in areas across the United States, Americans nationwide are adjusting to the new "normal" amid the pandemic and learning to move forward with face masks serving as an essential for everyday attire. While many enjoyed the initial freedom quarantine and facial coverings brought to following strict daily makeup routines, beauty lovers have faced challenges adapting to the reality that covering half the face is the standard for the foreseeable future and how still to achieve long-lasting, beautiful makeup during this time. 

Mirabella's team of #Bellababes has been putting the brand's most pandemic-proof products to the test and is excited to share the findings.  From stay-all-day lip colors that won't transfer or smear to products that play up the eyes and even exploring with new trends, Mirabella has everything needed to conquer the obstacles essential facial coverings have brought to those who find it harder to use makeup as a form of self-expression during this unprecedented time.


Since facial coverings conceal nearly half the face and come in direct contact with the skin, a full-coverage foundation is no longer necessary.  Instead, a long-wearing cc cream, like Mirabella's Original CC Créme, is an ideal medium-weight, airy alternative that allows for easy blending, a light coverage and targeted spot correction in one easy-to-use-formula.  


Mirabella Beauty CC Creme



While the mouth and nose are both entirely covered with a facial mask, the eyes are the key feature left revealed. 

"False lashes are such a great way to elevate a makeup look, especially when the eyes are the highlight of the look," says Miranda Coggins, owner of Mirabella.  "Our Mink Effect Faux Lashes are such an ideal product for a time like this with the ability to be worn up to 20 times and a wispy, natural look that transitions flawlessly from day-to-night." 

Mirabella Beauty Faux Lash Set



Even though the lips may remain hidden now when out in public, an ultra long-wear lip color can be the best way to complete a makeup look for those that routinely wear lip products/shades.  Mirabella offers two lip products that are guaranteed to withstand the use of a mask without smudging or smearing: Stay All Day Velvet Lip Pencil and Luxe Advanced Formula Matte Lip Gloss.  With a total of 10 shades to choose from, these pencils and matte glosses apply creamy and dry to an intense, long-wearing color that stays richly pigmented all day and will not transfer or smear.     


Mirabella Beauty Stay All Day Velvet Lip Pencil


Luxe Advanced Formula Matte Lip Gloss


One of the most crucial additional steps in successful long-lasting makeup application is incorporating a makeup setting spray to finish any look.  Wearing a facial covering coupled with summer's hot weather conditions can quickly easily melt away makeup, however a good makeup setting spray, like Mirabella's Bulletproof Matte Finishing Spray, instantly sets and secures makeup while reducing surface shine!