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Lash Love: Mirabella Mink Effect Faux Lashes

In a time where facial coverings are the norm and mask mandates unavoidable, a newfound attention to the eyes has become the standard for elevating a makeup look and consequently turning to false lashes for that added drama (we call that oomph over here at Mirabella).  Mirabella's Mink Effect Faux Lashes are the perfect addition to any makeup look with the goal of emphasizing the eyes. 

These stunning lashes add a natural appearance of fullness and volume.  Lightweight and reusable, this set also features lash adhesive for flawless application on the go. 


Even though dramatic eyes are trending, many makeup wearers are intimidated by the application process of false lashes.  Mirabella is excited to share a foolproof guide to applying falsies like a pro!  

Step 1: Removing False Lashes from Packaging

While it may seem like a no brainer, removing false lashes from their packaging can often prove quite difficult due to the lash strip's adhesive.  When possible, delicately remove the strip from its package with tweezers to prevent pulling out individual lashes or damaging the strip.  If this proves difficult, pros recommend cutting the strip in half and removing in two partsCutting the lash takes strain off the strip and will aid in combatting the lashes from lifting on the ends post application.  

Step 2: Size the Faux Lashes to Your Eye for a Custom Fit

In order to get the most accurate fit, place the clean lash strip on top of your own lashes.  If the faux lash strip is noticeably longer than your lash line, trim the outer corner.  Be sure to always trim the outer corner for a custom fit to ensure the natural graduation of lash lengthening is not distorted.

Step 3: Apply Lash Glue 

Undoubtedly the most important step in assuring flawless false lash application, mastering patience during this step is key.  Coat the band of the lash strip with enough glue to cover the entire strip and then allow to set for 45 seconds to 1 minute.  If glue is too wet, faux lashes will slide across the eyelid making it incredibly difficult to ensure proper placement.  Allowing the adhesive to dry and get tacky guarantees the lash strip will stay where you want it.  

Step 4: Secure False Lashes to Eye

Looking down into a mirror, align and apply the lash strip to the eyelid, securing the middle of the strip first and working out.  Once the center of the strip is bonded, use tweezers to gently work on the outer and inner corners of the lash line.

Step 5: Blend & Enjoy!

Once the false lashes are completely secure, use your thumb and forefinger to gently press the lashes to your own to allow the hairs to blend.  If you notice the lashes do not look seamless, apply a thin layer of mascara to aid in cohesion. 

Following these simple steps, we hope all of our #Bellababes can add some oomph to their pandemic-friendly makeup routine.  Once you are done wearing your Mink Effect Faux Lashes, our pros suggest removing excess glue and storing in packaging for the next time you are ready to wear!  Our Mink Effect Faux Lashes can be worn up to 10 times!


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