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Let's Talk Lashes - Lash Strip Application Hack

False Lash Application Made Easy with Team Mirabella

Applying false lashes can make or break an evening out.  You know what we're talking about!  Your Uber is minutes away, and you're putting the finishing touches on your makeup, and the corner of your lash strip is refusing to stay down.  We've all been there.  The panic sets in, and before you know it, that beautiful smokey eye you worked so hard to create is ruined.  Bella babes, Team Mirabella is here to give you a lash hack to ensure this scenario NEVER happens again!

Ignore what you've always been told with falsies and listen to our BIGGEST TIP for applying false lashes like a pro.  

Trim your lash strip into three small sections before application.

Yes, that's it!  Trimming your lash strip into sections will allow for easier application since each small section is much more manageable.  Additionally, dividing the lash strip into these smaller three sections gives you the ability to manipulate the lash to create a custom look, like the popular fox eye that has longer lashes on the outside of the eye, by only applying two strips rather than the entire false lash. 



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