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Everything You Need to Know About Our Eye Definers

Eyeliner - so many different types, shades, ways to wear it.  With so many options, how do you pick the perfect eyeliner?  Team Mirabella is giving you the best advice on eye pencils for beginners and talking about what makes our Eye Definers a fail-proof eyeliner choice whether you are new to eyeliner or a long-time user. 

Retractable Eye Definers - Best of Both Worlds

It's no secret that eye liner pencils are easier to handle and control than a felt-tipped or fine point liquid eyeliner, and while Mirabella's Eye Definers most certainly fall under the classification of a pencil, their ultra-creamy formula glides on smoothly for a precise look and coverage similar to that of a liquid liner.  To use, simply hold it as you would a regular pencil and draw along the lash line.  And, fear not if your hands are a bit shaky, these eyeliner pencils are much more forgiving than a liquid or gel eyeliner. 

You've Got Options - Eye Definer Shades

While brown and black tend to be the most popular shades for an eyeliner pencil due to neutrality, pops of color are making a BIG appearance in trending makeup looks, especially when it comes to lower lid liners!  Mirabella is proud to offer six stunning Eye Definer shades featuring solid neutrals, beautiful pops of blue and plum, and a few shades with a metallic finish for a pop of drama!

Mirabella Beauty Eye Definer Shades Range

Beauty with Benefits - Eye Definer Key Ingredients

Like the rest of Mirabella's makeup products, our Eye Definer pencils are formulated free of parabens and gluten, and are ALWAYS animal cruelty-free.  Additionally, these eyeliners pencils are safe for use on the waterline of eyes and are a wonderful choice for those who have sensitive eyes. 

Mirabella Beauty Eye Definers - Key Ingredients

One Stop Shop 

Most of us have experienced the struggle with eye and lip liner pencils once the tip has been worn down from application.  Can it be sharpened?  If so, does it require a sharpener made specifically for plastic pencils?  Oh, and don't even get us started on having to hunt down the correct sized sharpener.  Oy vey.  Mirabella's Eye Definer pencils feature a built-in sharpener at the base...because achieving the perfect makeup look shouldn't be THAT complicated. 



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