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Summer Makeup Trends: #1 'Glazed Donut' Skin

Team Mirabella is taking the upcoming weeks to break down the summer's biggest trending makeup looks and give you the 4-1-1 on how to achieve each one!  Hang with us the next few weeks as we take a deep dive into each trend, its origin, and how to get the look with Mirabella makeup.

'Glazed Donut' Skin

Mirabella Beauty Glazed Donut Skin Model - Summer Makeup Trend 2022

Summer's hottest trend may be gleaning inspiration from an unlikely source.  Still, it doesn't make this glowy look any less desirable or sought after following Hailey Beiber's proclamation that 2022 was the year of 'glazed skin.'  Now commonly being called 'glazed donut' skin, this trend is influenced by perfectly smooth, shining icing atop a donut - arguably skin goals for summer.

While flawless skin has long been sought after among skincare and beauty enthusiasts, this glazed texture and look is not something that has been popular in the last decade, making this makeup trend even more fun to try!  This gleaming look is typically a sign of youthful skin, and nailing this look can literally give the appearance of turning back time - no time machine necessary ;)

How To Achieve 'Glazed Donut' Skin with Makeup

While this look can be achieved relatively easily with a few makeup products, it's best to start with the proper skincare regimen due to the skin-centric nature of this trend.  Start by gently cleansing the skin with Mirabella's Cleanse Total Facial Cleanser to cleanse the face and rid the skin of impurities and makeup residue.  Then, follow with Mirabella's Balance Alcohol-Free Toner to calm, restore, and balance skin for a natural glow.  Lastly, follow with Mirabella's Replenish & Restore Multi-Peptide Serum and Renew Age-Defying Daily Moisture to fully prep skin for makeup application.

When moving on to makeup, Team Mirabella suggests going for a lighter coverage foundation, like our Defense CC Créme with SPF 20, an added benefit for protection not just in summer months, but year round.  It's best to think "less is more" when creating this look since glowy skin is at the forefront, so we suggest brightening the under eyes with a bit of concealer and creating a subtle contour with the Hugs/Kisses Matte Sculpt Duo.  A beautiful subtle eye can be created by tightlining the waterline with the Eye Definer in Smoke, using the Undressed Eyeshadow palettes matte black to create a fine wing, and finishing with Lash Luxe Mascara.  

To create the true 'Glazed Donut' gleaming look, first use the Foundation Brush to sweep the lighter shade of the Fate/Serendipity Sculpt Duo onto the high points of the face, i.e. apples of cheeks sweeping up to temples, bridge and tip of the nose, brow bone, cupid's bow, and a soft touch to the forehead.  Additionally, we like to add a little to the inner corner of the eyes to brighten and bring a youthful glow to the center of the face.  Once highlighter is applied, spray with Bulletproof Matte Finishing Spray to secure and set makeup in place and then finish the look by using the Precision Pro Blender Sponge to apply a small amount of the Replenish & Restore Multi-Peptide Serum onto the high points of the face to give skin that glassy 'icing' like appearance.   

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