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Summer Makeup Trends: #2 Adding Blush to the Under Eye Area

Welcome back to our Summer Makeup Trends series where Team Mirabella is breaking down the summer's biggest trending makeup looks and give you the 4-1-1 on how to achieve each one!  

Applying Blush to the Under Eye Area

Mirabella Beauty Blush Under Eye Trend

You know that youthful, subtle pink under eye that serves a serious fresh and super natural complexion, a la Kylie Jenner?  This trending makeup look is a fail proof way to achieve that "Kardashian/Jenner glam squad" feel - minus the tv series, mansions, and makeup artists ;) 

This hot summer makeup trend originated on Tik Tok when @paintedbyspencer narrated an eight-second video saying, "If you're not blending your blush up to your under eye area, you're missing out - just saying," while patting a rose-hued blush above his cheekbones to achieve a healthy, bright under eye resulting in an instant lifted, youthful effect.  Content creators immediately ran wild with this trend, opting to blend cream blushes and concealer under the eyes and top with pops of pink blush powder on the tops of cheeks to finish their versions of the look with some even sighting this new technique as "changing their life."

How To Achieve the Blushed Under Eye with Mirabella

While this look can be achieved relatively easily with a few makeup products, you may be wondering HOW since Mirabella's Blush Duos are powder, rather than cream.  Team Mirabella loves when a product can perform 'double-duty' and our Sealed with a Kiss Lipstick in shade Rosy Rouge is a perfect alternative to a cream blush.  Apply a penny-sized dot of Rosy Rouge under the eye, focusing the application closer to the inner corner, and then layer a small amount of Perfecting Concealer (a shade lighter than your skin tone) adjacent to the lipstick.  Using the new Precision Pro Makeup Sponge (make sure it's damp), blend the cream shades to create a color-correcting effect under the eye.  This shade combination "adds blood" to the under eye area and give the face a gravity-defying lift.  

To finish this radiant, youthful look, Team Mirabella suggests using the Dual Finish Blush & Powder Brush to apply your favorite Blush Duo high on the apples of the cheeks diffusing the color as high up to the under eye as possible.  One of the most common blush mistakes results from applying blush too low on the cheeks, thus drawing attention to the most downturned parts of the face and making the skin appear saggy.  You know the phrase 'what's old is new'?  Our grandma's were onto something when they were putting a little 'rouge' on their cheeks...just saying. 

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