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Summer Makeup Trends: #3 Doll Eye Mascara

Welcome back to our Summer Makeup Trends series where Team Mirabella is breaking down the summer's biggest trending makeup looks and give you the 4-1-1 on how to achieve each one!  

Doll Eye Mascara

Mirabella Beauty Summer Makeup Trends 3 - Doll Eye mascara

#Bellababes, we've got ONE word for this mascara trend taking over the internet right now - ICONIC!  Not only did the doll eye mascara begin trending when one of our favorite celeb it girls, Selena Gomez, took to Tik Tok to dish on how to achieve a flawless lower lash line with seemingly minimal effort.  Like, did we need a reason to love her more?  

While this must-try summer makeup trend originated, like so many others, on Tik Tok, it's quickly spread among makeup enthusiasts and beyond!  

How To Achieve the Doll Eye Mascara Look

Truthfully one of the easiest celebrity makeup trends to recreate, the Doll Eye Mascara effect can be achieved with 2 items from your makeup bag - Lash Luxe Mascara and a pair of slant tweezers.  Start by combing your mascara wand through your top lashes to evenly coat and create a fluttery finish.  Then, use your mascara wand to coat the slanted end of the tweezers.  Using the mascara-coated tweezers, clamp a few lashes at time together along the lower lash line to create a doll-eyed effect.  It's THAT easy!  


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