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Introducing New Clickable Ingredients

Enhancing Transparency for Clean Beauty at Mirabella with ClearForMe

In the ever-evolving world of cosmetics, the demand for clean beauty products has been steadily rising. Today's consumers are not only focused on the aesthetics and performance of cosmetics, but also seek transparency regarding the ingredients used in their favorite beauty products. Embracing this shift in the beauty industry and furthering its mission to create clean cosmetics, Mirabella is proud to announce its partnership with ClearForMe.  

Who is ClearForMe & What are clickable Ingredients?

Mirabella has partnered with ClearForMe and adopted its innovative technology on our website.  ClearForMe's platform has transformed our products ingredient lists into dynamic, interactive tools providing fact-based ingredient education to consumers to make informed product selections and build trust.  Clickable ingredients refer to a revolutionary concept in the cosmetics industry, allowing consumers to access detailed information about each ingredient used in a product. By simply clicking on an ingredient listed on the packaging or through a mobile app, users gain valuable insights into its sourcing, potential benefits, and safety profile. This level of transparency empowers consumers to make informed choices and align their purchases with their personal values.  Consumers can now click on an individual ingredient within an ingredient deck on any product web page and discover a user-friendly definition that helps them shop more confidently.

Transparency's Role In Clean Beauty

Mirabella understands that clean beauty goes beyond just buzzwords or unsubstantiated claims. As an industry leader in professional cosmetics for over 20 years, Mirabella has established trust and loyalty for our commitment to clean, high-quality formulas. With the addition of ClearForMe's clickable ingredients to our website, Mirabella aims to further foster trust and transparency, ensuring that customers have access to accurate information about the cosmetics and skincare they apply to their skin.

Empowering Consumers

The introduction of clickable ingredients to the Mirabella website is also an authentic attempt to empower our loyal consumers to take control of their beauty routine. By providing easy, yet detailed access to information about each ingredient, Mirabella hopes to facilitate a sense of confidence within customers to make choices that align with their unique needs and preferences. Additionally, this feature ensures that individuals with specific allergies or sensitivities can avoid potential irritants.

Mirabella Beauty's introduction of clickable ingredients marks another significant step forward in the brand's pursuit of clean beauty and transparency. By partnering with ClearForMe and adopting this innovative new feature, Mirabella hopes to empower consumers to make informed choices while promoting sustainability, ethical sourcing, and overall well-being. Get ready to embark on a beauty journey where transparency meets prestige, and clean beauty becomes a T.R.U.E. reality.

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