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Post-Quarantine Guide to Keeping Makeup Clean

As Covid restrictions continue to dissipate and women everywhere begin to return to their daily routines, cosmetics sales are once again skyrocketing following a dormant year.  Makeup is back #bellababes, and Mirabella is here with a complete guide to ensuring sanitary practices with your cosmetics as you get back to life and back to beauty!  Keep reading for the best ways to sanitize your at-home beauty products.




One of the easiest ways to help keep your makeup routine clean is to prioritize washing your hands before using or applying cosmetics.  Since so much of the world has become accustomed to washing their hands far more often due to Covid, this simple task should be an easy habit to incorporate into your daily makeup routine.  If you wish to take this step further, 70% isopropyl alcohol can be sprayed on makeup compacts or bottles to sanitize the cosmetic packaging. 




Since most of us opted for lighter, more natural fresh faces during quarantine, it is possible that some products in our cosmetics bags are past expiry.  Sanitizing makeup that is expired will not suffice.  Discard any makeup that has reached its expired date; however, keep in mind that unless a product has a year of expiration, most cosmetics use PAO, or 'period after opening'.  If the makeup uses a symbol (below) and the product is unopened, there is no need to through it out!  The PAO tells the months a product is good after opening.

Mirabella PAO




According to Mirabella's top educators and staff professionals, one of the best practices to make habit is the process of cleansing and sanitizing makeup brushes and tools (i.e. sponges).  This simple act is essential to one's health as well as the well-being of the brush or tool over time.  A weekly cleanse can combat the spread of bacteria and diseases (i.e. pink eye, Covid-19, flu and more).  While it isn't necessary to clean brushes after every use, Mirabella's Purify Instant Brush Cleanser can be used in between color changes to quickly remove residue and impurities.   


Instant Purifying Brush Cleanser


A final quick tip from Team Mirabella on ensuring you're practicing safer makeup standards at home pertains to liquid and cream products.  While Mirabella has tried to limit the direct contact and thus contamination with its creams/liquids by packaging these product formula in airless pump bottles, often these types of cosmetics are also found in tubs or pots that require dipping to retrieve the makeup or skincare from the container.  No matter how clean your hands are, dipping fingers into these containers can cause germs to spread quickly changing the integrity of the ingredients.  When using a product in a tub or pot, be sure to use a sanitary applicator to limit the spread of dirt, germs and oil.
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