Simplifying Skincare: Your Skincare Routine Order Explained

Simplifying Skincare: Your Skincare Routine Order Explained

For so many beauty and skincare enthusiasts, finding the "perfect" skincare routine is a true life-long goal.  And, oftentimes, it can become what seems like an impossible task.  Between an overwhelming amount of products on the market, misinformation from "consultants" flooding social media, and minimal information widely available noting the effects that can occur when two dissimilar products are used in conjunction, it is no surprise that so many consumers wind up developing a tumultuous relationship with skincare.  Or, at the very least, are left with a sense of confusion surrounding the proper skincare routine and the order in which products should be applied.  Today, Team Mirabella is breaking it all down to give you the ultimate step-by-step skincare regimen with our complete skincare system and tools from The Radiance Project. 


To fully determine the best skincare routine, one must assess their skin type.  However, it is worth noting that Mirabella is proud to offer a line of skincare products and tools that have been meticulously developed for all skin types, even the most sensitive of skin.

Oily Skin: If you experience large pores, surface shine, blemishes and blackheads, you most likely have oily skin.  

Dry Skin: If you experience tightness, flaking, redness, and/or fine wrinkles, you most likely have dry skin. 

• Combination Skin: If you often notice your skin has dry patches in addition to areas that feel oily, you most likely have combination skin.

• Sensitive Skin: If your skin is easily irritated by products, you fall into the sensitive skin category.


Mirabella Beauty Skincare Routine Order



Considered to be the most important step in a skincare routine, cleansing the face is essential in removing makeup, excess oil, sweat and dead skin cells to create a clean slate for applying products in the morning.  Best practices suggest using an amount equivalent to the size of a hazelnut and including the neck and décolletage.   


Toners work to rid the skin of impurities while providing better absorption for moisturizers and serums.  Typically toners have a lightweight, water-like consistency and work most effectively when applied directly to a cotton pad and patted onto skin, working outwards all over the face.  


Serums can seem a bit intimidating, but the truth is, a good serum can truly elevate and revolutionize your skincare routine.  Made of molecules designed to deliver potent powerhouse ingredients to the skin directly, the addition of serum can instantly boost your skincare regimen. 


The most soothing part of a skincare routine, moisturizers work to seal in moisture, protect the skin's natural barrier, and prevent water loss resulting in skin that is more soft, smooth and plump.  Best practices suggest using a pea-sized amount and working it onto the skin in circular motions, sweeping up along the forehead and chin.

**While Mirabella is proud to offer our CC Créme Foundation with SPF, our product offerings do not include an SPF skincare product.  If you do not use our CC Créme, we recommend incorporating an SPF between steps 4 and 5.**


• ICE ROLLER: Combat puffiness in the mornings with Mirabella's Roll & Chill Cryotherapy Ice Roller.  This inflammation-fighting tool harnesses the power of cold to combat redness and help decrease the size of pores.  


Although the core components of your skincare routine will remain the same, whether morning or night, a few additional steps can help give your skin an extra boost.  Before thoroughly cleansing the face, Team Mirabella recommends using a Wipeout Makeup Remover Wipe to break down makeup and allow cleanser to remove any leftover makeup, impurities or residue fully.  Once skin is cleansed correctly, toner, serum, and moisturizer can be applied per instructions outlined above in the AM skincare routine.  And then, bella babes comes our absolute FAVORITE way to end an evening, and final step of all - FACE MASK

Mirabella's Boost & Revive Phototherapy 7-Color LED Facial Mask promotes Collagen, visibly brightens skin and reduces inflammation and breakouts.  We encourage you to put it on, sit back, relax, watch TV, and unwind with this wireless, rechargeable mask!