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#BELLABABE Beauty Hacks: Sculpt Duos

Welcome to our 2nd blog post of our newly minted #BELLABABE Beauty Hacks segment, where every month, here on the blog, team Mirabella highlights a product and gives you the tips, tricks, and hacks to maximize the product's potential to the fullest!  This month's hacks revolve around the Sculpt Duos, Mirabella's mineral-based pressed powder duos for highlighting, contouring, and sculpting the face.  

Mirabella Beauty Sculpt Duo

Sculpt Duo(s) - A Breakdown

These easily blendable, mineral-based pressed powders create dimensionality on the face and can be worn alone or layered to create various looks.  Each Sculpt Duo features two beautiful shades, in either matte or shimmer, with a revolutionary texture that allows both professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike to achieve the perfect highlight and contour.  Available in three color combinations, each duo provides a soft, incredibly flattering glow to the skin and works to sculpt and define facial features with bronzing and illuminating powders.  But, Sculpt Duos aren't JUST for sculpting the face; these versatile pressed powder duos can be used for a wide variety of makeup looks!

SCULPT DUO(S) HACK #1: Create the Illusion of Fuller Lips

The lips are so often forgotten when applying a contour during makeup application; however, a little attention to the lips can create a BIG impact!  For those looking to create a fuller pout, a very simple trick is to contour under the bottom lip.  Use the Hugs/Kisses (matte) Sculpt Duo and add a small amount of powder above the chin to mimic the shadow a larger lower lip would typically create.  To give the same treatment to your top lip, use the matte highlighting powder on the cupid's bow.  Voila - voluptuous lips in a matter of minutes! 

SCULPT DUO(S) HACK #2: Create a Monochrome Moment

Mirabella Beauty Male Model Wearing Sculpt Duos

Who says these mineral-based pressed powders can ONLY be used for contouring and highlighting?  Not Team Mirabella!  Each Sculpt Duo also doubles as a phenomenal pressed powder eyeshadow duo and can be used to achieve stunning full-face monochrome looks.  Use the same shades on the cheeks and eyes, and you'll be channeling runway vibes in no time. 

SCULPT DUO(S) HACK #3: Give Your Eyes an Instant Lift

The cheeks aren't the only thing that benefits from a bit of highlighter.  Adding a touch of highlighter to the brow bone and inner corner of the eye can result in a subtle (yet impactful) lift creating an easy, polished look.  Using either of the shimmer Sculpt Duos, apply a small amount of the lighter shade to the brow bone, following directly underneath the eyebrow and blend.  Additionally, use a small blending brush to add the same shade to the inner corner of the eye.  This seemingly minute addition to your everyday makeup routine can help you look more awake and brighten your eyes!  

SCULPT DUO(S) HACK #4: Sets Liquid/Cream Concealer

Give your liquid/cream concealer the ultimate treatment by using the Hugs/Kisses Sculpt Duo's yellow shade over your concealer to set the product for maximum wear and finish.  Applying this shade over the concealer actually to neutralize red and blue tones in the skin and leaves skin looking flawless. 

SCULPT DUO(S) HACK #5: Go for the Strobe

Does a full-face contour and highlight seem too daunting?  Team Mirabella loves the idea of strobing to give your face a healthy glow!  Strobing is a technique that focuses on highlighting certain areas of the face which light typically focuses on in an effort to give skin a natural and dewy radiance.  To successfully do this, add a little highlighter to the bridge of the nose, on the cupids bow of the lips, and just above the cheekbones and then blend with a fan brush.

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