True to you. No imitations. Mirabella Beauty strives to create clean, mineral-based makeup products that are free of parabens, talc and lead and are filled with skin-loving ingredients that work to soothe and hydrate the skin while creating a stunning finish. Mirabella’s collection of blush and bronzers is no different.

Due to Mirabella Beauty’s dedication to creating clean cosmetics, the brand’s blush and bronzers feature skin-loving ingredients that make the collection the best bronzer for contouring and highlighting the facial features. Ultra-moisturizing ingredients like Jojoba Seed Oil help to make this mineral-based formula incredibly creamy and soft to the touch enabling each blush and bronzer to provide just the right touch of color to create dimension on the face and add a beautiful glow.

Each blush, bronzer and highlighter delivers pure color with revolutionary texture and can be worn alone or layered for a myriad of stunning looks. Mirabella Beauty’s blush, bronzer and highlighter collection is comprised of the Sculpt and Blush Duos. The Sculpt Duo collection features two stunning shimmer bronzer and highlighter combinations and one matte. The Blush Duo collection, on the other hand, features four stunning combinations of complementary shades, from poppy pinks to sophisticated coral tones.

With girls constantly looking for the best bronzers for medium skin, Mirabella Beauty is the perfect solution. Each Sculpt Duo is formulated for all skin types and tones. While the Hugs/Kisses Matte Sculpt Duo can be used to create shadows and definition on the face for the perfect contour, the shimmer duos, Lovestruck/Destiny, Fate/Serendipity bring warmth and a natural highlight to the face.

For girls looking to complete their looks in addition to Mirabella Beauty’s beautiful line of blush and bronzers, the team’s makeup experts recommend starting with the Invincible Anti Aging HD Foundation and finishing with Bulletproof Matte Setting Spray to keep the entire looked locked in place all day.


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