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4 Winter Makeup Tips

Best Makeup for Dry Skin

Just as humans tend to be creatures of habit, our skin often craves consistency.  As the seasons change, especially during the winter months, our skin often reacts harshly to the changes in temperature, air, and even lifestyle changes that occur as a result of the colder weather.  All of these factors combined frequently leave skin feeling dry, irritated, and often inflamed.  For this reason, Mirabella's team worked to create a makeup guide for dry skin that can help serve as a winter makeup SOS if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned effects of the cold temperatures imposed by winter.

While many makeup wearers are able to recognize the change in his/her skin during the winter months, he/she may not have the extensive knowledge in skincare or the background in analyzing and understanding key ingredients for hydration and healing necessary to help aid skin in a smooth transition through the colder months.  Mirabella's team is happy to share insight on the best makeup for winter and help you to explore the optimal products that provide hydration when skin needs it most!

With cold temperatures outdoors, dry air, and the habitual increased use of indoor heaters, moisture levels in the skin are often depleted resulting in tight, flaky, and irritated patches.  Choosing the best foundation for dry skin, as well as additional skincare and cosmetic products specific to this purpose, during these months is crucial. 

1. Moisturize Effectively

In an effort to ensure flawless skin, even in cooler months, skin prep is crucial to properly moisturize and prime skin prior to applying a hydrating foundation in order to ensure a smooth base.  This key step will allow the foundation to glide on while covering dry, flaky patches of skin.   

Mirabella Beauty Skincare - Renew Age-Defying Daily Moisturizer

Mirabella's Renew Age-Defying Daily Moisturizer is a great option for a winter moisturizer!  This ultra-hydrating moisturizer is perfect for parched, dry skin.  It's creamy lotion texture is easily absorbed and is packed with skin-loving ingredients to combat winter's biggest skin woes:

• Anti-aging: Peptides

• Anti-inflammatory: Aloe, Chamomile, Licorice Root, Squalane, Vitamin B5

• Antioxidant: Japanese Knotwood, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

• Balancing: Rosemary

• Humectant: Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin B5

• Moisturizing: Jojoba, Rosemary, Squalane, Triglyceride, Vitamin E

• Strengthening: Ceramide, Pennywort 

• Tone Correcting: Licorice Root, Niacinamide, Vitamin C

2. Stick to Hydrating Coverage

Foundation is often known for highlighting dry, flaky skin in colder months.  With this key factor in mind, it is important to find a hydrating foundation that aids in keeping skin healthy while also working to hide imperfections.  Mirabella's Invincible Anti-Aging HD Foundation is ideal for winter-ridden skin.  Not only does it contain Glycerin which works to moisturize the skin, but it is also formulated with a peptide complex that combats the adverse aging effects of indoor heating elements and harsh weather.  Additionally, this silicone-based formula features innovative HD technology that diffuses light and diminishes the appearance of textured skin  and imperfections truly making it the best foundation for dry skin!

• Anti-Aging: Matrixyl 3000

• Humectant: Glycerin

• Smoothing: Silicones

3. Use Powder Sparingly

During cold winter months where your skin is being exposed to far less natural sunlight, it is increasingly important to be conscious of the effects powders can have on the appearance of the skin.  Often, overuse of powders can lead to a dull, almost chalky look that highlights skin's dry patches and imperfections. 

Mirabella Beauty Pure Press Mineral Based Foundation

For those who prefer a powder, matte finish, Mirabella's team suggests the Pure Press powder.  These tinted, full-coverage, mineral-based pressed powders are infused with natural vitamins and minerals that aid in skin hydration and repair.  Like the Invincible foundation, these powders also utilize light diffusing technology to diminish the appearance of fine lines and imperfections on the skin that can be triggered by changes in weather and environment.

 4. Exfoliate Your Lips

The most common and recognizable effect of winter among people tends to be chapped lips.  In a season full of holiday parties and NYE celebrations, bright and bold lip colors are incredibly popular, but dry, flaky/chapped lips can make color application difficult.  Chapped lips can easily be combated with an exfoliating treatment like Mirabella's Prime for Lips Sugar Lip Exfoliator.  This twist-up lip scrub gently smooths away dry, flaky skin with fine grains of sugar that prep lips for flawless color application!

Mirabella Beauty Prime for Lips: Sugar Scrub Lip Exfoliator

While everyone's skin reacts different to the changing seasons and temperature, these key steps are a great foundation for maintaining healthy, beautiful skin during winter months! 




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