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Back to Life, Back to Beauty!

As life begins to return to normal post quarantine and the sharp divide between our public and private lives subside, women everywhere are getting back to their beauty routines and embracing colored cosmetics once again.  Makeup is back, Bella Babes and Mirabella is here to help you feel better than ever with the season's top trends now that masks are coming off and travel is back ON!  Read on to find out what beauty gurus learned during quarantine and will be practicing long after and what we're most excited to welcome back this season!


At the height of Covid, most women were forced to forego their typical beauty routines (i.e. skincare, hair, and waxing appointments) and embrace new relaxed standards.  In doing so, skincare quickly became a mainstay practice among women during quarantine with skincare products jumping 40% in sales from 2019 to 2020.  Cleansers, like Mirabella's Cleanse Total Facial Cleanser, moisturizers similar to Mirabella's Renew Age-Defying Daily Moisturizer, and even treatments like Mirabella's Prime for Lips increased drastically in sales as women began to put emphasis on the quality and appearance of skin rather than covering it with makeup.  And, while colored cosmetics are once again trending up, this newfound dedication to a consistent at-home skincare routine and beautiful skin appears to be here to stay.


Not coincidentally following the surge in skincare, women are coming out of quarantine, opting for lighter, more natural makeup looks that highlight and enhance their newly rejuvenated skin rather than covering it.  Additionally, this more natural look always seems to become popular as the weather gets warmer and additional time spent outdoors begins to yield darker, more tan complexions.  CC and BB creams, commonly recognized as tinted moisturizers, are replacing full-coverage foundations due to their more airy feel and lighter finishes. Looking to let your skin take center stage?  Mirabella's Defense CC Créme is an excellent choice.  Packed full of skin-loving ingredients, including Vitamin E moisturizing beads, this lightweight foundation is ultra-creamy, hydrating, and even features advanced oil control.  Even better, this cream foundation features sun protection to further aid in keeping skin healthy. 


As mask mandates continue to be lifted and vaccinations numbers rise weekly, women are enthusiastically welcoming the ability to wear lip products once again with reports showing that lipstick sales are up 80% from April 2019 to April 2020.  From shimmery neutral glosses, like Mirabella's Luxe Advanced Formula Lip Gloss in Lustre, to creamy lipsticks, and even full-coverage, long-wear lip crayons similar to Mirabella's Stay All Day Velvet Lip Pencils, women are giving their lips some serious love.        




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