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Celebrate National Sunscreen Day with A Customer Favorite: CC Créme!

Happy National Sunscreen Day, #BellaBabes!  

Each year on May 27th, the United States celebrates National Sunscreen Day (also known as 'Don't Fry Day' in an effort to help us remember and practice safe methods for protecting our skin from the sun's harmful rays as we welcome the summer months.  The sun's UV rays pose harmful threats to our skin and consequently our health.  Luckily, sunscreen is a very simple and effective solution in providing defense from the sun's rays!  And, Mirabella offers a cc cream that is both sunscreen and makeup! 

Mirabella Beauty BOGO on Original CC Creme

From now until May 30th, get an Original CC Créme FREE with the purchase of any Original CC Créme!  Did we mention our Original CC Créme is just $14.95 now? 

Why Use CC Cream? Benefits & Uses

Just like the seasons and weather, so do the cosmetics, makeup routine, and desired results shift for a makeup wearer at different point throughout the year.  A CC cream foundation is one of the few makeup products that is versatile enough to transcend all seasons and has solidified itself as a 'makeup must-have' among the masses. 

What is CC Cream?

While CC Cream has become increasingly popular among natural makeup wearers over the last few years, there is often some confusion behind the term cc cream.  "CC" is an abbreviation for the words color correcting.  Thus, a CC cream is a full coverage foundation that offers additional skin benefits to the wearer.  Often questions arise in the difference of CC cream vs BB cream, or beauty balm.  While both are types of foundation that provide coverage to the skin, CC cream offers a fuller coverage and typically are formulated with additional skincare benefits.

Picking a foundation shade based on skin-tone can sometimes be difficult.  However, due to CC cream's versatile nature, Mirabella is proud to offer four shades of cc cream foundation that work well with a variety of skintones, both warm and cool.

Benefits of CC Cream

• Lightweight, full coverage

• Sun defense with broad spectrum SPF meaning that it protects against both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays from the sun

• Perfects and renews the appearance of skin with targeted correction

• Vitamin E beads moisturize skin

• Anti-aging benefits

Why Mirabella CC Créme?

Mirabella's focus and dedication to creating clean, naturally-based cosmetics free of parabens, gluten, and talc is evident in the brand's CC Créme formulation.  Designed to hydrate, control oil, and create a full-coverage finish, the cc cream foundation is formulated with skin-loving ingredients that perfect and renew the skin.  Vitamin E beads burst onto the skin during application and create a luxurious feel and creamy consistency that is easy to blend to a natural finish. The foundation also offers a variety of benefits for the skin:

• Anti-inflammatory: Bamboo Extract, Lavender, Squalane

• Antioxidant: Cabbage Rose Extract, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin E

• Humectant: Sodium Hyaluronate

• Moisturizing: Avocado Oil, Cabbage Rose Extract, Squalane, Vitamin E

• Sun defense: Titanium Dioxide

Suitable for all skin types, Mirabella's CC Créme is an ideal formula for combination and oily skin and a true favorite among our Bella Babes!


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